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THE SPANISH REGIME 107 The Spaniards, regardless of Blanco’s mildness, continued their mad methods of infuriating those who had remained peaceable. In Vigan, for instance, where no one had revolted, lots of the heads of the most effective households and those who had cash have been arrested, tied hand and foot, and despatched to Manila lying in the hold of the vessel like packages of merchandise. At the end of the journey they were hauled out by derricks and dumped into jail.sixteen Six hundred prisoners were in the dungeons of Fort Santiago. The water leaked in during every high tide, rising to the necks of the prisoners.

The subject supplied an opportunity for major schooling and a few faculties have been established among the many Bagobos. There was a particularly great need for medical work, as malaria in its most pernicious form carries off giant numbers of individuals.

They never might attain the mainland, for the attention-grabbing purpose that they have been afraid of water. When they want to shoot a fish they attach a protracted string to the arrows so they might pull the fish out with out themselves coming in touch with the stream. They built no homes, save temporary shelters of branches and leaves. They did no farming, however lived on wild forest animals, fruits and roots. They shouldn’t be called Negritos, for that they had Mongoloid affinities. They did apply agriculture, and so they traded and intermarried with different folks freely.

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For instance somewhat group in Northern Palawan apply polyandry and use blow-weapons. Mr. William Allen Reed2 has made a examine of the pygmies of Zambales which are mainly of class I.

The Seminary was properly ready to satisfy the ever-rising want for educated ministers. The missionaries from all components of the Islands sent pressing requests for graduates to come back and assist them.

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All the inquisitors as much as the 12 months I660 were Dominican friars, who glorified their society at the expense of all others. In 1768 the Jesuits had so angered the other orders and the government that they had been expelled from the Islands, not to return for nearly 100 years.

“Minor attention is given to belt-making, hat-weaving, rooster elevating, gardening, printing, and the making of door mats.” 362 THE PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES every single day and especially Bible, as the aim of constructing this faculty was to show Bible. All these boys needed to work every single day, for we don’t need any snobs in our faculty. Many of them don’t know how to work and we ought to show them, for we all know that the Filipinos can not get independence if they don’t know tips on how to work. We have all types of labor, similar to planting sugar cane and rice, carpentering, tinning, shoe-making, hat making, etc. “But the significance is that every one the boys know the truth of Jesus Christ and truth shall make them saved. “We wish to play baseball, and everyone within the college, the smallest boys even, play baseball every single day except Sunday. There are about fifty boys learning telegraphy and several other boys can send and receive messages.

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His work among the many American officers was particularly noteworthy. He baptized each General Pershing and General Leonard Wood. It was probably the friendships which he made on this way that led to his appointment as ranking chaplain within the expeditionary forces in France, through the World War. The Cathedral of St. Mary and St. John, costing $Ioo,ooo, is probably the most imposing Episcopal church in the Orient. The outstanding achievement of the Episcopal Mission, however, just isn’t this cathedral, however the splendid social program which has been undertaken. In no different part of the world, maybe, actually in no different mission within the Philippines, has the social gospel received such a big proportionate emphasis. Every church has an essential social establishment connected with itin most instances the establishment is larger than the church.

At one time solely three devoted households survived the constant persecution to which the congregation was subjected, and these households took refuge every evening within the house of the missionary. Rev. and Mrs. Jansen fared little higher, for they have been stoned wherever they went.

Christian Filipina Household

That they had been prevented by a drought made no difference to the authorities. Upon his release Aglipay went to Manila, and fairly largely worked his way via school.

They have competed with the public schools wherever they could secure a enough number of students. The stimulating impact of public training upon the Church is most strikingly seen in the truth that in I913 there have been 325 Catholic faculties; in I918 there have been 1,228 Catholic faculties. Hundreds of others were started however have been forced out of existence by the superior competitors of presidency schools. So far as Protestant missions are involved, they have been prevailingly favorable to leaving secular education totally to the federal government. The majority of missionaries have agreed with the report made at the M.

After the meal, the house should be cleaned from top to backside and every one be in chapel when the gong rings again at seven-thirty. After the singing of one or two hymns, a teacher leads within the responsive reading of a passage in the Bible and tries to provide the students an actual message for the day.